Cybersecurity Month: CyberCoast Experts unpack OWASP’s TOP 10

Cybersecurity Month: CyberCoast Experts unpack OWASP’s TOP 10

CyberCoast experts unpack OWASP’s TOP 10  
AO9:2021 Security Logging and Monitoring Failures — Stephen Hopkins of Computer Help

There are a plethora of software and appliances for protecting all aspects of technology.  Whatever the method for tracking information and event management a client uses, these detection applications are not launch and leave processes.  They must be configured for an ever-changing environment and over sought by people monitoring the logs and information they provide.  Too often, it is assumed that the device or software was installed and now it’s “doing its job”.  That is not the case.  Frequent monitoring and updating is essential to getting the most out of these systems.  Think of a cell calendar that keeps track of all of your upcoming events.  Now, lock it in the car and spend the day at the beach.  The calendar is providing notifications of the ten scheduled items you had for your day, but you are paddleboarding along the shore enjoying your day.  The device did what it was supposed to, but no one was there to make sure they happened.

Stephen Hopkins is an accomplished Lead and Project Engineer with more than 30 years of experience achieving efficient and effective results with systems development, technical consulting, outsourced information technology consulting and cybersecurity. He is a Cybersecurity Engineer at Computer Help and a Professor at the Unversity of West Florida.



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