With a New Brand in Place, NOF Advocates for the CyberCoast

Bill Dunn of NOF shows off their new logo

With a New Brand in Place, NOF Advocates for the CyberCoast

Networks of Florida, a regionally recognized Information Technology and Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider (MSP) recently announced the company’s complete rebranding to NOF Technologies. The rebrand includes a new name, logo, and website to better align the company’s recent growth outside of Florida and increasing its value proposition in a nationwide market.

“It’s a major milestone and leap of faith for the company, established for over 30 years in the IT market, to rebrand and bring our unique approach to client support nationwide. While most service providers approach solving problems beginning with junior technicians at the Tier I level, NOF Technologies leverages our senior experienced staff to quickly solve the problem, so our clients experience reduced downtime,” said Bill Dunn, CEO and adding, “We realize our clients invested heavily in software and technology and even the most minimum of performance degradation impacts their productivity. That is why we tackle each problem with experience first vice last. This new brand and evolving offerings perfectly illustrate our growing ambition to better position ourselves in the market.”

Promoting the CyberCoast

Since acquiring the company in 2015, Dunn has been an advocate of the CyberCoast, working to promote Cyber and IT businesses. Now, with the rebrand, his company has an even greater platform to support economic development and growth in the Pensacola area. “ It gives us a voice outside of the state,” he says, “I’m meeting with people that are saying… “Oh, we’ve got houses in 30A.” You know? “Well, that’s really nice,” I say, “but, you’ve come right through Pensacola, right by Pensacola. Have you ever thought about doing business here?”

Dunn also finds excellent opportunities to play matchmaker with Pensacola’s tech companies
“Some of the meetings that we do, it’s match-making with other companies,” he said, “We may not be the best fit or they are looking for something else so we can help a local company that matches their needs. Or if they are looking for expansion,  we let them know we’ve got some great expansion going on in Pensacola. We’ve gotten some startups and established tech companies coming in.”

Dunn believes that the opportunities will only increase on the CyberCoast as more high-tech, high-wage jobs come into the area. “I’m a firm believer and have been for years that I love our beaches,” Dunn said, “I love our hotel industry, and our restaurants, but if you want to generate wealth for a community, it’s in technology, it’s in high-end, highly paid advanced manufacturing, it’s technology firms that are going to bring in the higher paid salaries which support all the other industries in the area. It is helpful for our school districts. It is going to generate more taxes for the area. We will be able to afford more things, better pay for our teachers, better infrastructure for our schools. All those things that we want as a community come through the fact that we have high paying jobs and without those high paying jobs, we can talk all we want to, but we’re never going to get there.”

With NOF Technologies, all business technologies and services – Voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile device management, cloud hosting, business continuity and recovery, network design, engineering and installation, managed IT services and premier cybersecurity offerings along with so much more – are accessible to companies of any size from start-up to well established. By eliminating the need to hire, train, retain, and equip a professional IT department, businesses see greater value in partnering with NOF Technologies’ professionals and focusing on their core business activities.

Networks of Florida, known for their customer engagement and superior technical support, was established in 1986 as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and has grown to specialize in all aspects of Information Technology, including cybersecurity solutions. Networks of Florida, now NOF Technologies, has experienced recent growth in its market share from South Florida, the Midwest, and the East Coast.
www.nof.com .

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